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Pain Relief: Regular massage provides powerful pain relief for many conditions such as: chronic headaches, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle pain, and fibromyalgia.

Physiological Stress Relief: Massage isn’t just relaxing it actually stimulates physiological change in your body, such as reducing cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that your body creates in response to stress, and it increases your blood sugar and suppresses your immune system, taking a toll on your overall health and quality of life.

Improved Sleep: Insufficient sleep is associated with a host of health problems; high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, obesity, depression, and overall reduction in a person’s quality of life. Regular massage improves your quality of sleep and helps you to overcome feelings of fatigue.

Improved Immunity: Regular massage has been shown to increase the number of natural killer cells in addition to increasing their activity. Natural killer cells are on constant surveillance of the entire body identifying and destroying cancer cells and cells infected with viruses.

Injury / Surgery Recovery: Massage is an excellent rehabilitative treatment for injuries and surgeries.

About Kimberly Sennett

Hello, thanks so much for visiting! I hope this bio gives you an idea of who I am, where I’m from and what I’m doing as a massage therapist, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here please feel free to send a text, an email, a letter, or call me!

I studied massage at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder and graduated in the fall of 2012. Soon after graduating I decided to do another extensive training program through the Phenomenal Touch Institute in Eldorado Springs with Leslie Bruder. My experience with Leslie and the work she does was so incredible that I went through the program again 2 years later. My work as a massage therapist is deeply influenced and informed by both training programs and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to study at BCMT and to learn Phenomenal Touch directly from Leslie Bruder, she’s out of this world and if you ever have the opportunity to receive from her I can’t recommend her highly enough.

I am Board Certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCBTMB). I chose the Board Certification designation because it’s the highest standard currently held in the field, specifically it requires having at least 750 hours of training, passing the NCBTMB national exam (considered the most rigorous exam), passing a criminal background check, agreeing to uphold the NCBTMB Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, and agreeing to oppose human trafficking, a very serious human rights problem in the world that is often linked to massage therapy businesses.

My personal style is based on the premise that massage should feel amazing and be effective in relieving pain / stress.

When I’m not giving or receiving massage I’m (hopefully!) with friends or family, biking, hiking, swimming, backpacking, truck camping, kayaking,  gardening, composting, cooking, studying, or surfing Facebook for friend’s photos and updates!